Unique jewellery made out of plants

I make unique, small glass jewellery out of plants. Mirror plant pendant is a piece of jewellery, which contains a real plant. Some plants fade in time, white ones do not. I think this is only natural and represents the progression of time.

My company also offers mirrors, mosaics, drawings and paintings. I design and produce all of my products by myself. When ordered, I have also produced company gifts. Moreover, I have produced and designed mosaic and Tiffany windows.

In my mosaics, I build new imagery out of seemingly unconnected parts and fragments. I use, for example, broken china. In my other works too, such as decorated glass, mirrors and small glass houses, I try to use recycled materials. I hope that nature’s treasures will stop us to think, show us their beauty and bring happiness into our lives. For further information, please contact me directly!